Friday, January 27, 2012

Unfit Parents?

Mendax News Service

Reports have surfaced that the Department of Child Protection is looking into the details of a couple that lost their pre-teen son for three days without reporting it. The boy attended some kind of religious festival with his parents and relatives when he somehow got separated from them. It wasn't discovered that he was missing until the group had already been traveling home for a full day.

Mendax has not been able to get the full details, as they are sketchy, but the boy was found safe and sound after three days. It is thought that Child Protection officials are gathering details of the incident and will act to remove the child from his parents and place him in foster care.

How he got separated from the group and why his parents did not notify authorities have not been determined. It has been rumored that the parents thought that he was with friends or relatives in the group and did not check on his whereabouts for a full day.

The festival had something to do with Old Testament religious beliefs and apparently the entire group adheres to Mosaic and Levitical Law. Child Protective officials generally look with disfavor on religious groups that separate themselves from mainstream society.

Some witnesses who know the boy say that he seems extremely smart, respectful and polite, but attends a non-public school with no accreditation that has no electricity or central heating and air conditioning. If it is found that the parents were negligent, they could be sentenced to jail or ordered to perform community service.

Officials are being tight-lipped about details, but it is believed that they found out about the incident from a letter written to someone named Theophilus by a physician named Luke, last name unknown. The letter became public, thus disclosing the incident.

The mother of the boy is a housewife and the father - foster father, actually - is believed to be a carpenter or blacksmith. Shortly after the boy was born the parents fled the country, believing that somebody was out to kill him. The father claimed that he had a dream in which he was told it was safe to return.

Child advocates demand that the boy be taken away from his parents because of their negligence, but some people argue that losing track of a child can happen to the best of parents and that the state has no authority to intervene in the affair even if proven true.

If the boy is taken away from his parents, it has been suggested that he could be placed with his cousin Elizabeth and her husband Zachary who live in a nearby town and have a son about the same age named John.

Officials don't have any vehicle description or tag number as the couple doesn't have a car, but they have notified town authorities in Nazareth to be on the lookout for the parents. The mother's name is Mary and the father's name is Joseph Ben Heli


  1. "Unfit Parents"?

    All parents qualify for that description at least once a day. :-)

    The govt qualifies for that description in every way that they attempt to establish a Nanny State.

  2. My mother once left the baby in the car because she was asleep - she sent my brother out a couple of times to check on her. The second time he came out, he found that the fire dept had been called in, smashed the rear window, and taken the baby. The baby of course, was screaming madly (this they blamed on the "heat" in the car due to my mother's negligence). My mother was charged with some type of crime, for which she had to hire a lawyer and plead no contest.

    I remember in government elementary school, the guidance counselor ran a program entitled "Good Touch, Bad Touch" - being in 4th grade at the time, I didn't quite understand what it was. Looking back on it, I realized that the counselor would ask pointed questions to convince the children they were being sexually abused by their parents ("bad touch") and turn them into the "authorities" (parasitic government bureaucrats employed by the government school).

    I've never understood why people seem to think that private citizens suffer the effects of original sin, but as soon as they become government bureaucrats, they become angels who dispassionately pursue the common good.

  3. I've never understood that either. It's like thinking that a certain virus is bad, but when you get a big collection of them they're good.

    Personally, I'd rather deal with crooks on an individual basis than in a gang, which is about all the government is.

  4. Very entertaining comparison Chris. If Mary and Joseph are required to do some community service, I hope the secular authorities will take into account that the "lost son" turned out to be a rather responsible man who exhibited quality leadership skills.